Is the Cyprus passport the most powerful in the world?

Is the Cyprus passport the most powerful in the world?
Are you a non-EU national? Do you long to spend your days in Paris drinking exotic wines and your
nights on a gondola sailing down the Venetian canals? Do you wish to settle down and provide the
best education for your family with access to Global leading universities? Then, the Cyprus visa might be right for you.
How does a Cyprus visa work?
The Cyprus investment programme is only accessible to High Net-worth individuals who are able to
make an initial investment of at least €2 million into real estate and hold the investment for at least
for 5 years.

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The investment can be made up of multiple different assets, but you’ll also need to provide an
additional donation of €150,000 to land development and research in Cyprus.
On the bright side, after 5 years you can reduce your investment dramatically to only €500,000,
which will mean that you have a great deal of capital to spare.
Why get a Cyprus passport?
Beyond being able to live and soak in the beautiful weather and environment of Cyprus, this
passport has a number of additional benefits.
 As an EU passport holder, you benefit from free movement across the EU, which includes
access to all 28 EU members as well as visa-free travel to over 170 countries across the
 It won’t just be you who can travel but your entire family, including children who are as old
as 28 and your parents.
 You won’t have to give up your current passport as you can gain dual citizenship.
 Your finances will also benefit from a tax system which has eliminated taxation on non-
domiciled individuals.
 You are not required to reside in Cyprus, unlike other visas which demand that you spend a
set period of time residing in a specific location.
 The Cyprus visa also offers the fastest way to secure EU citizenship which can be done within
6 months.
These are just a few reasons why High-Net worth individuals are keen to acquire a Cyprus passport.
Is the Cyprus visa under attack?
With Brexit finally done, many are worried about the knock-on effects it will have for Cyprus
passport holders.
With the end of Britain’s agreement to free movement with the EU, will this mean that passport
holders won’t be able to come to Britain to work, live and raise their families?
Thankfully, this seems unlikely. Many of the backers of the current government are second passport
holders and wish to continue this system. Hence it seems unlikely that the current government will
take action against them and will likely carve out an exemption.